viernes, 13 de noviembre de 2009

El clasico triangulo amoroso toma forma mostruosa en Luna Nueva

In New Moon, “Edward does make a stupid mistake by leaving Bella, and that allows Jacob in,” says director Chris Weitz. “You can understand why Bella starts to develop feelings for him. He’s the right man at a frightening time for her, and his devotion is touching. Even die-hard Edward people will understand.”
Stewart, 19, certainly enjoyed the change of pace on camera. “Both of them make me feel completely different,” she says of her co-stars. “Taylor is an impulsive actor, not Method at all. It’s very easy to smile with him. With Rob, we both tend to worry and over-analyze everything.”
As for any rivalry between the two male leads, “I think Rob enjoyed teasing Taylor about his exercise regimen,” Weitz says. But Pattinson appears more than ready to share the paparazzi-propelled burden of Twilight mania. “Rob would like me to say, ‘This is Taylor’s film. Rob isn’t in it at all.’ But subtraction equals multiplication in this case. It will create more hysteria, not less.”
Lautner says there is only one team when it comes to making the movies. “We all get along great and we’re in this together. Rob did a terrific job of bringing Edward alive. I just hope fans believe I did the same for Jacob.”

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